In its natural state, peloids are 90% water. Their water content is an extraordinary mix of humic acids, polysaccharides, amines, carbohydrates, vitamins, and bound forms of such minerals as iodine, copper, zinc, boron, manganese, magnesium and selenium. Today, the majority of these components in their refined forms are widely applied in cosmetic industry.

American scientists have proved that when ions, microelements, amino, humic and fatty acids penetrate the epidermis of human skin, they remain non-transformed in their structure and composition.

In a cells regeneration research study conducted by Dr. M. Goldstein (USA), use of peloids increased skin tissue regeneration by 10%. Dr. Goldstein used body wraps composed of 30% PelosiltĀ® Green.

Further studies conducted by a group of American scientists compared different muds in their effects on skin hydration and skin fat absorption. The experiments involved green and black peloids, fango muds, Dead sea muds, and peats.

Comparison of skin hydration rate have shown the following
Peloid Black increased skin moisturizing factor up to 12
Dead sea muds 2
Peloid Green 9
Fongo 14
Peats 14
Studies of the skin fat absorption rate have produced the following results:
Peloid Black 76
Dead Sea muds 50
Peloid Green 50
Fongo 19
Peats 16

Peloid Black and the Dead Sea muds have exceeded all others.

Therefore, it has been experimentally proven that peloids have two important functions: moisturize skin and absorb tissue fat. This effect is the result of a unique composition of organic peloids and their ability to affect top skin layers (fat absorption) and deeper skin layers (skin moisturizing).
The water contained in the micro-pores of peloid particles has a structural memory of distant times and is a healing mud solution.

Peloid muds provide a therapeutic effect if applied topically. They transport into the skin (body) important microelements, vitamins, ferments, amino-acids and other water-soluble compounds.

Compared to lake water, mud solution is enriched with biogenic amines, volatile fatty acids, free amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, simple phenols, microelements and other stuff of organic matter destruction.


Peloids properties

  • Anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect
  • Anti-aging results by free oxygen radicals destruction
  • Increase in freshness and elasticity of the skin
  • Improvement in cell regeneration up to 10%
  • The increase of epidermis thickness and elasticity
  • Moisturizing of epidermis
  • Bactericidal effect by destroying 95% of pathogenic bacteria, fungus and toxins

Peloids in cosmetics