Pelosan is a manufacturer of natural cosmetic raw materials that creates, produces and supplies unique and specially developed natural ingredients from freshwater lakes for use in cosmetic and medicinal products that care, nourish, support, increase productivity and have a medicinal effect.
We are the unique manufacturer of natural peloids and organic origin products derived from them. Our product line is made from sediments of freshwater lakes. Our activities are based on scientific research started in the 70s of the 20th century, which has led to the creation of the Pelosan Company in 1998. 

Thanks to the introduction of the latest scientific developments, we are discovering more and more helpful and unique substances, which allows us to declare the exclusiveness of our offer.

The Company’s products are aimed not only at the cosmetic effect, but also at the treatment of skin diseases and skin defects.
Thanks to many years of research and implementation of our products in different formulations, we can choose the perfect ingredient for any purpose.

What we do

Our dedication is to help people by the means of manufacturing natural products given by nature for human beings.
Our activities are focused on the production of natural ingredients for cosmetic products (home care), Spa and Wellness, as well as natural medicinal products used in clinics and hospitals.
Thanks to our diverse portfolio and extensive experience in these areas, Pelosan provides a unique vision and a distinctive point of view to help our clients discover the power of science and nature.


Our Company’s purpose is to help people by the means of manufacturing natural products given by nature to human beings. Peloids are of high importance for us – we have devoted years and efforts of the best specialists in the field of medicine and beauty to study them. The peloids formation depends on the microbiological situation in a lake, as well as on the life of lake inhabitants. Since the only source of freshwater peloids are lakes, it is crucial for us to preserve the natural microbiological environment and the purity of the peloid deposition. Thanks to many years of experience, we have developed a peloid extraction system that does not harm not only the environment, but also does not harm the lake inhabitants and animals living on the coastal territories. Sanitary protection zones are established on the lake territory and coastal zones, and the environmental situation is constantly monitored.

Our activities do not cause harm, but rather contribute to the formation of new peloids, enabling the renewable production that benefits people.