pelosilt humid acids product

Humic acids of Pelosilt® (Liquid)

NCI Humic acids of peloids
Description Group of natural polycarbonic acids with various polyfunctional groups (amic, amide carbonyl, carboxyl, phenolic, hydroxyls). Biodyne.
Application Biodyne for cosmetic products
% input 0,002-0,01
Application Biodyne for pharmaceutical products
% input up to 1
Recommendation for applications For any type of skin and hair. Easy reaction with any bases.

Humic acids and peloid lipids

The chemical composition of freshwater peloid is an outstanding combination of carbohydrates, proteins (about 20), phyto-steroids, oils, waxes, vitamins and humic acids. Each of these components taken separately can serve as a valuable cosmetic ingredient by itself. However, combined, they present a priceless and unique assortment generated by Mother Nature.

Humic acids, being basic and most important components of peloids, act as biodynes and detox at the cellular level. It is the humic acids what gives the products their therapeutic and healing properties.

Group of amorphous polycarboxylic acids (and oxy acids) with the different content of polyfunctional active groups (-COOH, -OH, -NH2, =NH, C=O etc.) formed by the biochemical decomposition and transformation of organic matter in the fresh water lake.

Peloid lipids are another component crucial to human cells proper functioning. Rich in beta-carotene, retinol, bioflavonoids, chlorophyll, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids with high gram molecular weight and phospholipids, they play a big role in cell metabolism, tissue regeneration and cells matrix.

Black peloids in glass
humid acids formula

Humic Acids molecules contain

Aminoacids 16,1 - 24,3%
Hydrocarbons (hexose, pentose) 6,1 - 12,6%
Mineral-organic complex (microelements) 1,8 - 8,3%
Effects from Humic Acids

Humic Acids effects

  • Have properties of biogenic stimulators
  • Anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect
  • Contribute to tissue regeneration
  • Stimulate protective macrophage function
  • Stimulate mitochondrion breathing
  • Antioxidant effect capable to “extinguish” free radical reactions
  • Have antimutagenic properties
  • Decrease Me- action (heavy metals including) due to organo-metallic complex forming

Use in Cosmetics

  • Creams for skin regeneration
  • Protective creams
  • Component for cosmetic masks
  • Component of shampoos, balsams for hair strengthening and hair growth
  • Component of tooth paste for gums treatment and prophylaxis
  • Component for baths of different kind
  • Component  of lotions which remove 95% of skin bacteria, heavy metals ions, pathogenic microflora

Humid acids in cosmetic industry

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